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Dust Warfare Part 1 - Overview

Lately I've been suffering from GW/40K burnout , and without wanting to go into details , have been looking around for something else . A few months back I stumbled upon the Dust models , but being only a Boardgame , it quickly evaporated . Last month , I read a thread on DakkaDakka about the Table Top Wargame based on the Dust universe , and now I'm hooked !

This week I managed to get my paws on a starter set ( no small feat may I add , since Warfare dropped looks like the models have sold like hot cakes ! The Revised Core Set was out of stock pretty much everywhere , and to have Digital Sushi get me a copy , well , stunned would be my reaction .) so time to put some thoughts on paper . And use the clubs shiney new blog whilst I'm at it , thanks Ettiene , brilliant idea !


Dust is set in an alternate timeline , 1947 to be precise . So whats changed you ask ? In a nutshell , WW2 is still going strong . German scientists discovered an extra terrestrial power source called VK in Antarctica and have used it to power new weapons of war . Hitler has been assassinated , and the Nazi's removed from power . Karl Donitz is the leader of the Axis , Erwin Rommel the head of the Wehrmacht . War has spread across the globe . 90% of all nations now fall under 3 power blocks , the Axis (centered around Germany with Italy and Japan being the other main nations) , the Allies (centered around the U.S.A with Great Britain and the French forming the other nations) and the SSU (Sino Soviet Union) making up the third block , the U.S.S.R and China being the bulk of this faction . 


Not played a game yet , so this section will be covered in depth at a later date . 

Basics . Written by Andy Chambers(ex GW writer) and Mack Martin backed by Fantasy Flight Games . The core rules clocks in at 146 pages , and covers fluff , crunch and army lists for both Axis and Allies . It looks well presented , full colour and very easy to understand rules . 

Most online reviews I've read have given Dust Warfare glowing reviews . Sadly there seems to be an undercurrent of anti-GW feelings in most . No , don't think this game is the death of GW . 

Currently there are 3 supported factions , with the SSU only recently getting rules in the Operation Zverograd expansion . Next year there is strong indications of a 4th faction being released , and possibly a 2nd Edition of the rules . 


This section will also be getting a more in depth look once I receive my starter set and an Allies Medium Walker , hopefully next week .

What I can say , the models come primed (and can be painted easily to apparently , watch this space !) with all the options in the box . Think about that . I buy an Axis Medium Walker , and all 3 variants are in the box ! Ditto for the Infantry . From what I've read , the Walkers are bloody amazing , but the Infantry could be a little rubbery . Will confirm or deny this at a later date .

Now the next thing about them . Their not "Model Kits" , but Game Pieces . Confused ? Let me explain . There is little to no assembly required . You open the box , put them on the table and away you go . If you like building kits , this could be a problem for you . Myself , if the urge to build hits me , GW can supply all I need . They do look good from what I've seen online , one or two duff ones but not something to vent over considering what they cost . Which brings me too .....

Cost ! 

Yes , the issue that's on every GW players lips . 

Answer , even using local suppliers , it's cheap . Way cheaper than GW . A quick example . Prices taken from Extreme Wargaming . Click here to see for yourself !

Starter set : R880 , gets you 2 armies (Axis and Allies) , one hero apiece , 3 Infantry Squads apiece and a Light Walker each . Individually the box set would cost about R875 per faction ! Pretty damn good don't you think ? And that excludes some scenery , Dust Tactics tiles and 6 Dice . The army total comes up to about 140AP , and to get it to 300AP(similar to your standard 1750pt 40K army size) will put you back about R1200 . Holy cow ! Try build a 40K army for that much brand new ! 

Then consider you and a mate club together for the starter , and the cost is even less . All in all this part has made me and more importantly , my bank balance very happy indeed . 

The rules can be downloaded from Wargames Vault for $20 may I add . Sadly this is the one downside to the story . Brand new the rules are a tad pricey in hard copy , but considering the savings above , not too big an issue for me . 


So much for my first blog post , and in time I will be adding articles focused on the rules and models when I get them , play with them and paint them . Until then , keep them dice rolling !

Continued in Part 2 ! The Models have arrived ....

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