Monday, 13 August 2012

battle report, sunday 12/08/2012

hello all. your favorite roving reporter here, hmmm, some might say raving, but i don't listen to the voices in my head all that much anymore, so without further ado, news from the front lines

my second 750 points 6ed game of 40k
my opponent today was travC, and his blood angels took on my dark eldar
capture the flag mission, sorry relic mission
both of us rolled and got zippo for warlord traits, and travis decided i should deploy first. 2 ravagers behind a building and my 2 big troop squads, each one with an attached hemmie, one mostly in some area terrain and another on a hill. he deployed some scouts in a ruin with the jump pack squad next to the ruin with the termie squad in front of them. his speeder hid behind a building also. initiative was not stolen and turn 1 nightfight began. yes nightfight, the thing all dark eldar and tau armies pray for. and it's not that hard to get. you have a 1 in 6 chance on the warlords table combined with a 3 in 6 chance of getting it from the night fight rules also. someone who can actually remember his school maths can work out that combined percentage for me please :)

dark eldar shot and killed 2 scouts, they fell back behind the ruins they were in.
blood angels termies and jumpers advanced, speeder popped out and tried to pot shot a ravager but was just over 36" away so couldnt see it so unleashed some frag doom on the one troop squad. only 2 died thanks to a 3+ cover save and 5+ fnp save. not enough to run away til the librarian fear of fluffy bunnied them and they ran like little girls. all of the 3 inches back from where they advanced from initially. sigh. at least it wasnt off the table.

even with premeasuring and sufficient movement one ravager stil was short on 2 of the 3 dark lances, so only 1 hullpoint taken off the speeder. second ravager didn't do squat, with 3 guns in range.
termies came around the pumphouse and was joined by the sanguinary priest, ready to charge the dark eldar on the hill. charge was declared, 48 poisoned splinter snap shots and 3 str 5 ap 2 liquifer shots later and the lead termie and the priest was red paste. charge failed.

took both ravagers to finally bring down the speeder. both dark eldar troop sqauds hozed the remaining 3 termies with splinter fire, something like 60 or 70 shots worth and termies are left unscathed. grrrr 2+ armor save grrrr.
termies advanced making ready to charge, jumpers with libby jumped onto the flag, blood lance was aimed at the one ravager but alas the witch, she was denied. so the ravager was assaulted. interesting point, it looks like you might actually have to declare that you are multicharging before you charge. ah of course, for overwarch purposes. now i remember. anyhoo, so only 1 ravager was charged and got the snot krak grenaded out of it. it went boom but nothing else died. termies charged hill dark eldar squad, lots of snap firing left no termies dead but i think the dark eldar managed to kill one termie in close combat. dark eldar lost combat and ran away a few inches. think it was like 3" again.

turn 4
jumpers received some poison lovin, killing all but the libby who got dark lanced to death.
hill dark eldar regrouped, snap fired lots at remaining 2 termies but nothing happened.
termies charged dark eldar again, more snap fire, more nothing, another 2 or 3 dark eldar dead and thems running again. a few inches.

turn 5
we called it a day here, i was ahead in killpoints so game to the dark eldar. game took us about 2 and half hours for 750 points. eesh, need to practice. but that was with lots of talking, setting up terrain and neal popping by to say hello and show us his awesome skyscraper and necron breakfast snack

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